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Thread: 4 letter domain

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    4 letter domain

    Just wondering how much my 4 letter domain is worth.. It ranks 3rd on Google. Would it be a bad thing to post the actual domain here?

    Thanks in advance.

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    How are we supposed to guess?

    Without knowing the domain name, it would be impossible to answer. For instance, if you have, it is worth quite a bit. On the other hand is available and not worth anything unless you have a business which can make meaning out of if.

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    The domain is .. Thanks

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    Re: 4 letter domain

    Originally posted by sidez
    It ranks 3rd on Google..
    Ranks 3rd for what? - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    No meaning to me

    So, therefore, minimal value...$20-30 tops.

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    I agree means nothing to me (what is a phex anyway?) and its also a .net TLD which isn't as popular as .com but if you had a common 4 letter word like or then that would be worth quite abit.

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    it ranks 3rd if you type in phex ?
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    Was asking cause there's been visits to my site, but visitors were actually looking for the File-Sharing software Phex. And there seems to be other Phex stuff going on at google, so though it'd be of some value.

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