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    RedHat setquota - how?

    I read that there is something called setquota in RedHat Linux, but the manual page is far to technical for my simple n00bii mind...
    I need an example.

    Can anybody tell me how I can use this command to limit the user "testsuser"'s usage of disk space to 5 MB? Assume that his home dir is /var/www/testuser

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    man edquota
    man quotaon
    man quotacheck
    man quota
    man quotaoff
    man fstab

    or just read QUOTA-HOWTO at
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    did I mention that I am looking for an example?

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    You are not going to make it very far with Linux, unless you learn to read the HOWTO's and man pages. I'm not going to spoon feed ya.

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    There is more to it than just runnning a command to enforce quota's. First you have to make sure your kernel supports it. Then you have to add the line in your fstab file to enable quota support on your home partition (or whatever partition you want quotas on). You have to create/chmod a few files and then you can finally start configuring the quota's for users/groups.

    Most of the people here are too busy to write tutorials for you or even search for them for you. Try this search engine. It has lots of resources

    Somehow I remember this site has something about quotas. I couldn't find it after a quick search, but look around. You might find something else to read up on.

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    Well, I did search google endlessly before starting this thread.

    I have added usrquota in the mount options for the /var filesystem, touched /var/aquota.user and run quotaon /var
    - all successfully
    Then I used setquota myuser 50000 100000 200000 1000000 /var

    And still I can upload to this users account via FTP as much as I want to - the counter-strike server for example, which is at least 100 megs

    So plz show me an example that works, coz I apparently don't get it rigth....

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