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Thread: Php Crv?

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    Lightbulb Php Crv?

    Hi, Some of the functions listed in the PHP manual in say that only available in CRV! What is this CRV? Does anyone know about this and can tell me what to do so I can run those functions in my scripts?


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    can you give me an example of one of these functions? I searched the whole PHP website and found nothing resembling CRV. Maybe you mean CVS?
    Walter Landman
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    I'm sorry that's what I meant. I don't know why put CRV down! Can you help?


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    Sure. CVS is something developers use when they have many developers working on a single project. They use it to keep different versions of the files in the project, and to see who did what work, and what changes.

    For more details about this look at:

    So back to your original question, what does it mean when it says it is available in the CVS version only? It means that in order to use the function you need to have a version of PHP which is only available in the CVS version (that is the version that developers are actively working on).

    Usually CVS versions are not fully tested yet, or are in the process of testing so they are somewhere in BETA, or might be very new and not in the main distribution yet. You can download the latest snapshot and that should contain these functions. - PHP CVS Repository - Daily PHP Builds

    I hope I was clear ( even though I'm sure I wasn't)
    Walter Landman
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