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    Any ram experts here

    How much of a performance differance am i gonna see between DDR SDRAM memory at 333MHz and PC800 RDRAM.

    The computer using DDR SDRAM memory at 333MHz is $300 less than the one using PC800 RDRAM. Would it be a noticeable difference between the two?

    I don't game on the computer but i do use programs like PSP and Homesite, Dreamweaver MX.

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    I've heard the only real differences only show up in benchmarks , and in the wallet ...

    Sorry, I know I didn't help any, I'm just relaying what I've heard and read. I know someone who as similar spec boxes, and they told me they see little difference in performance.
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    Let's see... there will soon be 2 school of people arguing for and against DDR and RDRAM here.... but before that get on to you...

    Think of it this way... if you go for the DDR solution, your system will cost 300 bucks less than with RDRAM solution... then imagine how much more RAM you can fit in within that extra 300 bucks that you saved should you have gone for DDR...

    And now, that would be a better option... so what if a RAM stick is faster than the other by a couple of ms or nano-seconds? Think BIG!

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    Unless you plan on doing something really Ram intensive (like say video editing) you won't notice the difference

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