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    Info on globalcompass

    Looking for feed back on

    Network performance?
    Any issues that one should know?

    Any other better Suggestions on colos in Atlanta?

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    I've been getting strange packet loss in excess of about 15% over the past week or 2. It seems to have cleared up the past day or so, but I know they were having DoS attacks about a week or so ago.

    Uptime so far for me has been 100% (I think). The network was never just sucked for a little bit while the DoS attacks and packet loss were occuring.

    Besides that, it'd be a good decision for you. They're located in 56marietta in Atlanta which is a huge carrier hotel that allows for plenty of opportunities for growth for companies such as Globalcompass.
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    I would bet the packet loss was on a Cogent-only pipe? The premium bandwidth product has 100% uptime since they moved to a redundant router platform back in March.
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    100% Uptime for Premiem Bandwidth...

    Support well. Im not sure about emergency support but i know your normal work order when put in during the day for me ( Australian Time ) I always get the respond from the same admin saying basicly i have no idea how to do this and this so wait till the morning for your issue to be resolved.

    Nothing has been a serious issue but so obviously not to much to stress about.

    But our APC's remote reboots and Cisco 2900's just got there... Setup didnt take long as soon as they got in they were installed i believe.

    They seem like a growing high quality colo facility.

    Kind regards
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    Hi Choppy,

    What type issues had to wait till morning?

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