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    * Lunch Schedule & Menu?

    Hello, everyone I'm trying to decide on what to eat and when to eat . So please list you're daily menu, and schedule of when you eat.

    I was currently thinking of penn station for breakfast today, but I'm not sure. So help me decide!

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    Originally posted by Studio64
    don't you have to be 21 for that??

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    ugh... ugh.... no .

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    Cup of noodles and pepsi here..

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    Hmm Ramen Noodles are good . I think I might have some, along with mountain due. Although... Pen station sound's good right now hmm.

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    I eat lunch at 10:30 not by choise, it's just how my schedule is for school. In 6th period HTML and Web Site Design right now.
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    hmmm, I eat dinner leftovers when ever I get hungry.

    Wouldn't penn station be kinda hard to eat? How do you chew all that metal and glass?
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    Quiznos! Best subs ever. Try the tuna sub, I get it every time. In fact, I get it so much that whenever I walk in there they always know what I want, less talking for me and more watching

    BTW: Yes, I have a sad life. I can't stand change, so whenever I get something for the first time most likely I will get it the second time, third, fourth, etc...

    EDIT: Also, Boston Market - They have the best spinach, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes. Another place would be Sweet Tomatoes, although they are quite limited. I think there is only around 20-30 across the US.
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    Originally posted by ATST
    hmmm, I eat dinner leftovers when ever I get hungry.

    Wouldn't penn station be kinda hard to eat? How do you chew all that metal and glass?

    I finally decided just to get a double cheeseburger from mc donalds Super large frie, and strawberry triple thick milk shake . Hmm soo good, now Im thinking what shall be for dinner.

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    Hmm... so you settled on fat, lard, and a bit of grease? Just joking.
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    McDonalds will kill you, just like cigaretts.

    As far as lunch goes, I dont bother with it. A bagel and some waffles and toast for breakfast @ 8:00 and then dinner anywhere between 6 and midnight.

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    lol... hmm bagel .

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    I normally eat lunch @ 1:00pm (hrmm; it's now 1:10); all through school it was at 1pm and now I've structured my uni timetable so I have a break for lunch at 1pm (we get to choose our own timetable).

    When I have lunch at home I normally have:
    * 2 smallish rolls with light mayonnaise, ham, cheese, lettuce, capsicum and a bit of egg (no margarine).
    * 1 can of coke.

    Sometimes I'll get the same at uni, or I'l be adventurous and get something like grilled fish + salad. The can of coke is compulsary and never changes

    I shall leave the message there and get some lunch.

    Shaun Ewing

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