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    Lightbulb how do u host and ?


    I have never done this before, so can any one tell me how do we host a ".CO.UK and .COM.AU "

    I have a WHM/Cpanel server with RH7.2, have always hosted .com's

    What i want to know is, Is there a diff procedure to SETUP the above mentioned DOMAINS, or is it similar to .COM through whm/cpanel.

    Is there any technicality involved in doing so ?

    Also I would like to assign nameservers to clients. Can they then then setup domains without any problems.

    Please advice ?

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    Just set them up normally via the create account option and you should be fine. I seem to remember some odd issue with WHM regarding some country extensions but I've personally never had a problem myself.

    Greg Moore
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    Thaks akashik

    Thank you very much for clearing out my doubts, if any one else has had a problem with such a situation, please post here.


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