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    is this reliable?

    since our forum cost a lot of bandwidth (1gig/day), so we can't afford tera-byte. I search around and find this one:

    anyone has idea about this ?

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    The Search feature of this board is a handy tool.

    Here, I've done the first one for you.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    If I were you I would not bet the farm that you are going to get 45GB of data for $7.95. In this case it is obvious that they are seriously overselling because if even a small majority of there customers used that amount of bandwidth and they allowed it they would not be in business very long.. I would do (2) things before signing up with them first email there support@ and explain to them that you REALLY are going to use the full amount of bandwidth and would you be allowed to use it to that extent as long as you did not use more than a certain % of the resources. Second I would read there TOS and AUP very carefully and see if you can find anything in there about limits or what is considered using too many resources.. If you really need this kindof bandwidth it is going to cost you about $25-45 a month for a decent provider who is going to allow you to fully use what you purchased.. Good luck

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    I think this thread sums it up , as not being reliable or trustworthy for that matter.

    not a very good BBB report

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    they use as their provider so there is no way they can offer 45 Gb / 8$ and heh just take a look at their award winning site never heard for any of those. But they may be a good host (with a bad business plan )

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    Give it a try...... and let us know.

    That's the only thing I can suggest.

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    They're actually pretty well known.. as the guys who charged a customer $16 000 in overage fees a while back on an unlimited account has his story. It's a fairly old story now (2000 I believe), but it made CNET

    Seems they're having some ongoing issues with spammers on their servers too - something to consider.

    Greg Moore
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    45 gig. for 7.95/month doesn't sound very realistic. I agree with AKIHost. But you can give them a try and let us know later. Anyway, Good Luck

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    You can search any comments/opinions in this forum or other hosting directory/search engines.

    Have a nice day

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