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    Exclamation 1 Dedicated server SCSI HD with 10Mbits Unmetered Bandwidth

    we got one dedicated server that were capped at 10Mbits connection, unmetered bandwidth.

    Intel P3 1ghz
    512MB ECC Micron Registered Memory
    36GB Atlas 10K III-Ultra160 SCSI Hard Drive
    Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI controller
    Asus motherboard
    3com nic card
    4 80mm Fans cooling
    Antec SX1040 Case
    Antec 400W Dual Fans Power supply
    Capped to 10Mbits connection
    OS: Any Linux, FreeBSD 4.x, Solaris 2.8, Windows 2K Server
    Control Panel:
    Ensim WEBppliance 3.1.1 (Red Hat 7.2 only) FREE SETUP
    Ensim WEBppliance 3.0 (Windows 2K only) $299.95 License
    4 IP Addresses

    $299.95 Monthly
    $299.95 setup
    $349.95 Monthly
    $0 Setup

    100Mbits connection email me for pricing.

    for speed test
    try to use wget in a linux or a unix box.

    Email me at [email protected] if anyone interest it.
    This server must go.
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    can you provide details on your network? ie is it *only* cogent, or do you have a backup in case cogent goes down?

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    Right now we have only cogent bandwidth, we will have yipes bandwidth within 30 days. yipes will be our backup in case cogent went down.

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