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    Apache restarting every 10 minutes

    Alright I've been trying to help a friend of mine but i'm not an apache guru at all..or perhaps its a cpanel guru thats needed.
    any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    36 hours ago her server started restarting apache every 10 minutes. This occurred whether there was a high server load or low..didnt seem to make a difference.

    httpd.conf is fine - there was one duplicate entry - and Cpanel told her that that was what was causing it - but even after both entries were removed the problem still continued.

    error_log doesnt show much - just the usual bunch of missing file entries for various sites...

    there are no cron jobs scheduled to restart apache anywhere that i can see anyways.

    anyone have any ideas? The server is at dv2 - and both dv2 and Cpanel havent been much help at all for her.

    thanks in advance.

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    There is a big thread on there about this very issue good luck in solving it. If you do let the rest of us know what it its.

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    The correct link is
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    thanks guys.
    I read that cpanel thread again - seems there's no resolution on the matter.

    faculty - she added you to her msn list - waiting for you to be online I think - thanks =]

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    This is being caused by chksrv.d...when it is looking for port 80 it appears to be looking for a connect to the local host. If this is not available for any reason it will continue to restart apache.

    Once whatever reason that is prohibiting to serve on port 80 is fixed you should see this.

    Some examples that could cause this:

    Document Root (apache) bad permission or ownership/group

    Attack on port 80, rendering port service nearly possible at times


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    Guys, what the heck is the deal with this thing? I've got a box where the load shooting up like mad when it restarts and it's screwing with my load averages, in addition to making life on the server rather miserable.

    Has anyone managed to do anything about this?

    It's the same thing that all the people on the cpanel forum are describing. A few segfaults here and there, but graceful restarts every 10 minutes. And I don't have any of those modules that Nick is blaming this on.

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    see above post

    I went through those things I said above and it finally worked....have you checked them?

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