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    Need help with web design

    I'm making a webpage and someone told me what it was but I forgot so I'm looking for some tutorials on it. Its when the page grabs the users screen size and streches the page to the full size of the window or something like that. And when you change the size of the window so does the webpage to compensate. I forget what this is called can anyone lead me to anything that will help me? Suc as when you use a woodgrain border made in ps and slices made in imageready or something like that and it can streach it the full window but doesn't distort anything.

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    I'm not quite sure if this is correct...

    But do you mean the percents within tables or frames?


    <table width="100%">

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    For the record, some people don't like having their browser window stretched full screen (me included). It really depends on the reason you are doing it. If you actually have a lot of content that can fill up a screen (1024x768 or higher) then maybe it's conceivable to do so. That's just my opinion, but I know others feel the same way.
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