As a special promotion synergymax is running a "tell us what you want" promotion, how does it work?

1 - You email me telling me exactly what you want from your webhost including storage space, bandwidth etc and how much you're willing to pay.

This is limited to the first 25 accounts and will conclude COB Sunday 13th October 2002

A few things to take into consideration - synergymax values its webhosting and its clients, we will not savage our services in order to chase unprofitable business, we're about providing 'integrated e-solutions tailored to your needs'. What does this mean? - well we're more than happy to tailor a plan to suit you at a price that suits you too, but we aren't going to give it away.

IP to test
Test File -

Shoot me an email and I'll reply with a response as soon as I can.

Look forward to hearing from you.