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    H sphere Setup???

    I am interested in running h sphere for bandwidth trackign on 2 win 2k servers. Unfortunatly fastsevers (i'm 95% sure i switchignto them) doesn't offer h sphere. Cna i run it on my own boxxes or must it run on a linux box that monitors the win boxxes?

    If it requires how much linux does one really need to know to setup a cheapo old school pII 300 linux box that runs only h shpere and what is my best resource for learning it quickly? Well pehaps iwoudl also want to run sendmail on it too.

    lemme hear some creative solutions please

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    I think psoft install HSPHERE software for free

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    Originally posted by quicksols
    I think psoft install HSPHERE software for free
    not free. $95 setup fee is needed.

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    You have to have at least one linux box. red hat is recommended since it processes java better than free bsd. Then you could run all windows boxes if you want.
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