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    Hope somebody out there can help me!

    OK my friend recently bought a pc from another friend of his and the spec is as follows:

    Motherboard Manufacturer and Model: Not known
    BIOS Revision Number (if known): not known
    CPU/Speed: P4 1.4Ghz
    RAM Manufacturer/Type/Module Size: 128MB SDRAM
    CDRW/CDROM/DVD Manufacturer and Spec: Hitachi 30x CDROM Pioneer 16x CDRW
    Disk Drive(s): Manufacturer and Spec: Western Digital 20gb
    Video Card: Manufacturer and Type: AGP 32MB unknown make
    Sound Card: Manufacturer and Model: Sound on board
    NIC Manufacturer/Model: On-board
    Operating System: Windows XP

    OK when my friend went to buy / collect the pc from his friend the pc was in working order - collected the pc after seeing the pc worked took it home tried to switch the pc on, machine came on but displayed nothing to the monitor.

    So he calls me to see what I can do as i like to explore around my own pc system

    So i think its to do with the AGP graphics card (I also noticed there is 2 serial ports and no port for on board graphics which seemed strange to me) I replaced the AGP card with a PCI card which i took out from my own system but again the pc comes on but on the monitor displays nothing.

    Now I think its to do with something with the Hard drive - so again I replace the hardrive with one out of my system making sure to connect the data cable and power cable onto the motherboard, but again the same problem - pc comes on but does not display anything.

    I've also tried to take the on board battery out, then back in, replace the SDRAM memory modules with my own brand new pc133 512MB type, removing the pci network card, disconnected all data cables for cd drives AND tried to connect the pc to 2 CRT monitors and 1 TFT monitor but STILL no luck.

    I'm stuck - i've taken the system apart put it back together but still cant get the system to work even though the system was working only a few days ago - any other ideas?

    cheers for any help

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    well I'm pretty sure it's the same one

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    Do you get any beeps? Video is usually 2 long beeps and 1 short beep if I remember correct.. You can get this online by doing a search for "bios beep codes"..

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    Oh I had the problem. A while back when I built my first computer I bought all my parts and put it all together. But when I went to switch it on I got nothing. So I thought it was a bad video card. I called the company and they said send it back so I went to go pop the card out, slipped cut my finger and accidently put force on the card to push it in all the way and low and be hold. IT WORKED

    Anyway, make sure its in all the way. And don't get any blood on the case.


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    I know when my ram went bad it beeped 3 times. So if it beeps 3 times that could be it.

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    Try swapping the Monitor to CPU cord with one you know works.
    Make sure connnections are tight.
    Make sure the monitor is working, plugged in and turned on. (I know, but it wouldn't be the first time).
    May find some help here:
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    OK, take it down to bare minimum & see what happens. Motherboard, CPU, RAM and Video card. Disconnect everything else. See if it posts.
    If it doesn't, then there's a problem with one or more of those four components.
    If it posts, then add stuff 1 by 1 till you find the bad part.
    Hope that helps.

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    You should have tried these first:
    Plug the monitor in to the PC using another cord.
    Plug the monitor in to another PC.
    Plug another monitor in to the PC.
    That right there would have told you if it was the PC or the monitor.
    If it was the monitor, buy a new one.
    If it was the PC, then you check drivers, then vid card ect. Fixing the monitor display should never involve changing the HD.
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