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    Exclamation TotallyHosted Still Down...

    My site is hosted by TotallyHosted ( and they have been down since Saturday night. Just wondering if anyone has any updates or information on the current situation.

    Here is an earlier post from TotallyHosted(THBen): "The situation was that the network we are on was DDoSed causing the whole network to go down and crash.

    We where then told by a tech that whenever our servers where switched on it was sending out large data packets and causing the network to crash, understadbly our datacenter pulled the plug on the server and where investigating the problems.

    Ealier today I was told that the server might need to be wipe to get rid of the problem, then after that I am told that the server should be up at 1pm EST with all data intact.

    So I am hoping the server will be up at that time.

    As for our dedicated server provider they have lost two servers due to the attack, I am hoping it won't come to this. " (10-07-2002 09:54 AM)

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    The network they were on was attacked by a packet-based flood which clogs up the Internet connection. The network does not "crash," but it does lag and "go down." Wiping the hardware that the IP belonged to will not solve anything. Nothing he has said adds up. Either he's bull****ting you, or he doesn't know what's going on. I feel sorry for people who try to run a Internet-related company and don't know how the Internet, or the network they're on works. Maybe he should change his company's name to TotallyHosed.

    Pardon the mean attitude, it has been a long day.
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