Search engine optimization (want to be number 1?)

Hi, is offering Search engine optimization (SEO). We have worked on many projects, and have had great success! An example of this can be seen searching for us on under terms such as:

Australian Host (number one)
Web Host Sydney (number six)

Our team will work on everything to get you to number one.

Services included:

* Research and finalization of the keywords to be used in the promotion of your web pages

* Revising existing Client pages to be optimized for the Search Engines.

* Content review as appropriate to suggest keyword density, frequency, and distribution throughout your content.

*Submission of revised Client pages to each of the monitored Search Engines and directories.

* Link recommendations will be provided to Client.

*Online access to proprietary Ranking Reports at least once per month showing the ranking of the Client web site in the monitored Search Engines and directories.

Please note this is a manual technique, no “auto submit” programs used. We will work with your company until we have you in the position you require.

We will not accept keywords other clients have asked for!!!!

Please PM or email [email protected] for details of prices and keywords already used by other clients!

Kind Regards