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    Smile Need Cheap, Reliable Web Hosting?

    Hey there,

    I am the owner of Cheetah Web Hosting. I would just like to gather some interests in my products that are available to you.

    I have 4 "premade" packages available currently, but, you can customize a package (with our site) to suit your needs. Whether the space will be used for a file server ( Currently we can go up to 16.0 GB space and 500 GB/month bandwith) or a small personal, church, school or special functions site (Lowest price available is $2.73) we have it all for you!

    *Features Included with Every Plan*
    -Access to Raw Log Files
    -Account Control Panel
    -Backup (Nightly)
    -Macromedia FLASH Support
    -NO Setup Fee
    -PGP (Send Encrypted Emails, Etc...)
    -PHP3/PHP4, ASP, Perl + other CGI Support
    -Server Side Includes (SSI) Support
    -SSH (Encrypted FTP & Telnet in one package)
    -UPS (Power Failure Protection)
    -.htaccess support (w/ mod_rewrite)
    ... more features can be added for a little more than a dollar (In most cases.)

    I am not trying to convince you that we are the best, because we're not. But we would like to serve you, the individual and treat you like a person not some number or statistic.

    One more thing folks, 80% of the profit we make will be donated to a local welfare, orphanage or humane society. So please think about it. Its for a good cause.

    Kyle Foxon
    Cheetah Web Hosting Owner.
    [email protected]
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    Why don't you have your own domain? .tk is one of those free redirection domains.

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