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    to set up nameservers for a customer's domain


    I've already have my own nameservers in my server.
    they are : ip1(server primary ip) ip2

    my box is running ensim webppliance

    but ,a customer of mine has requested to have his own nameservers for his domain.

    1. I went to domain registrar and created ip3 and ip4 . They are resolved already I think (I tried dig

    2. in ensim cp, I then created a NAME-BASED web site for (so it's based on the server's primary ip).

    3. then I edit the DNS zone of to the following : Address (A) server primary ip Address (A) server primary ip Name Server (NS) Name Server (NS) Address (A) server primary ip Mail Exchanger (MX) [10] Address (A) ip3 Address (A) ip4 Address (A) server primary ip

    but the web site can not be displayed. Do I need to make an IP-based web site with ip3 ?
    or did I do anything wrong ?

    please help
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    Hi - the real domain name and name servers name would let us do a little testing to see the setup etc. and then comment ???


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