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    script for monitoring server load, uptime and ports

    does anyone know any script php or cgi that will check the status of a server's cpu load, uptime and scan ports (telnet, http,etc) .

    I have found 1 so far server.STATS (

    but was hoping there was more.
    I want to be able to offer my customers a page to see the status of the server they are on.

    Thanks for the help!


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    There's another similar script at It's called NetStatus Monitor, located at the bottom of the page at that URL. I use that here for some instant checks of server ports, uptime stats etc.

    For the best monitoring service, I'll have to recommend, which is a pay service, but definitely worth it.

    Alan Ho
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    I use Big Brother.

    Works great, although it does fill my logs with junk entries.

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    Try netsaint
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    I have my own, available through the projects page on my site - - there will be a new version coming out very soon. I recommend you install sysInfo ( on each webserver and then use links in my script to link to each server so the user can see more info when they want to. Of course, my software is GPL so you can mod it to do all this in one (in fact, I'm modifying it for a client to do just this).


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