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    need a php user script

    can anyone tell me a script where a user has to log in to view a page and also they get a log in for the board say like phpbb2. or another board that uses php and mysql.
    or it can just be a log in script to view a page and then they can d/l what is on the page
    and please do not tell me to cheack hotscripts out i am asking what one would suite my needs
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    Well the concept for one of them is very simple depending on if you will be adding the users or if you will have a registration system with different like user classes for accessing different parts or different downloads.

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    i never tought of any classes one that sounds good any good script for me.
    so it must have differnt levels of users and work with a php board i say phpbb.
    and maybe a download system to see what is the most d/l and stuff like that
    i really need the script fast as i want my site up with a few days the opeing date has been pushed back 2 times already.
    my host has not made my MYSQL DB yet and i would of had a phpbb2 board and a download system up already and all i would have to do is then just install the user script.
    But thanks to my host it may take me a few more days to get the site finshed.

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