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    * 30,000 PV on Virtual Hosting.. Is it safe

    One million Page views per month... Averaging around 80GB and probably several million hits.. Mainly static pages, using Cpanel.. Is it safe?

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    Should the question be "will I most likely get poor performance?" intead of "is it safe?" ?

    Based on almost seven years experience in hosting, and decades as a system administrator, we've found that any site pushing 15 GB or more should start looking at a virtual private server or dedicated.

    The actual answer would depend on the number of server processors, number of overall processes, server load, etc.

    Often times anything 50 GB or more should have its own dedicated server.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    The Nocster Cpanel virtual server that I'm on will push roughly 60+GB this month, and the server is quick this month (server load is average 0.2). Last month, the server was pushing 8-20GB/day, with many cgi or php scripts being called, and the server load on average was 2.5-50, usually hovering around 6, but with constant downtime and usage spikes.

    - Matt

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