I got brand new Dual P-III server for sale.

I built it for my own use, but do not need anymore.

Tyan S2518 Server Motherboard - LE Chipset, 1U Style
Built in ATI video with 8MB memory, 2 10/100 Intel NIC Cards.

Dual Intel P-III 1Ghz Processors -256K L2, Retail version, 3 year warranty from Intel.

Dual Antec Heavy Duty Cooling Fans

2 - 512MB Micron Registered ECC Memory Modue, total 1GB ECC. Lifetime warranty for Crucial.com

16x DVD Drive, FD

2U Case with 300W Power supply, 2 extra case cooling fans.

No Hard drive installed yet. Just add HD and you got complete Dual P-III server. Should be great performance server.

I spent $850, selling at $800+$45 s&h including insurance.

PM me.