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    Are there any Windows Resellers here?

    It seems that most of the discussion revolves around unix/linux hosts.

    Is there a reason that nobody is talking about Windows hosts?

    I want to offer both to my customers. The only reseller I have found so far that seems like it will suit my needs is expert host. Does anyone have any experience or comments about them?



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    Here are some other Windows resellers. I currently use Hostway for unix host. I have not used any for windows hosting. - Click to join which is the avenue to great website hosting.

    Big Site of Hosting - Simplicity, Quality and Affordability are our key words. We cover a wide range of hosting services starting from simple company page site hosting at a mere $2.69/mo to high-end dedicated servers to meet needs of the heaviest sites of present era. Offers its service on both Windows AND Unix platform.

    Communitech - Quality web hosting services to over 23,000 organizations in over 140 countries worldwide. Our web hosting products include virtual servers, VPS solutions, dedicated hosting, application hosting and co-location services. Find out why we are consistently rated one of the top 10 web hosting firms worldwide.

    Hostway - Whether you are a company of one or a hundred, we have the right hosting plan for you. We offer a variety of hosting packages, with different platforms, features and customizations, tailored specifically for you.

    Matrix reseller - The Matrix reseller plan gives you the flexibility to Host UNLIMITED Domains under one large account and still be able to monitor each clients disk and bandwidth usage using the H-Sphere Software! We remain completely in the background and completely manage the server hardware and software for you. Our control panel is the best Privately Branded Web Hosting Solution! With Integrated Billing & support all in one place, why go any where else?

    Superb - Superb web hosting at a Superb price. Our Network Operations Center is staffed with dedicated technical staff on duty 24x7, no exceptions. We have multiple redundant DS-3s to six independent major backbones. We keep parts and complete replacement servers on site and in case of a server failure; we can rebuild the server within the hour, while directing its traffic to temporary backup servers.
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    Windows hosting will end up being more expensive. And unless a prospect has a definate reason for being hosted on a Windows servers, they will most likely not choose it. There is less support out on the web for Windows servers, as most Linux software is free and open source.

    I wouldn't suggest also selling Windows hosting unless you know you'll be able to attract customers for it.
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    Thanks for your replies

    Markcw, I will check your suggestions out.

    smidwap, I am a developer (ASP, ColdFusion, MS SQL) and my expertise is within windows environment. I plan on selling value added services bundled with hosting that will require a Windows environment. That being said, I also plan to offer basic hosting using a unix/linux server.

    Thanks for taking the time to post.


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    If you make a request for a Windows reseller account under Web Hosting Requests, you will see get several offers from the companies that frequent here.

    They cannot refer themself in this category.
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    Windows reseller web hosting

    There are a few that support windows hosting and resellers.

    Tom Silver
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    167 offers windows reseller accounts.

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