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    Need Browser help (not a critique)

    Please check this page and see if it comes up. The design isn't mine (all the clients) so I don't care for a critique! Not my decision anyway

    got it fixed, thanks all!

    I've tried in various IE and NS and works fine, but they're reporting a totally blank page on some browsers (but haven't been able to narrow down which platforms/browsers).

    I'd appreciate you replying if it's working or not, what Operating System you're using, and browser and version. Thanks!
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    It worked fine in IE 6

    Sometimes errors in <table> such as a missing closing <td> or <tr> will cause blank pages. Netscape 4.x is that way.

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    not working in Netscape 4.7

    Its a good idea to install the major browsers on your machine for testing.

    NS4.7 can be downloaded still from netscape. This is the one that is still in wide use today that will cause the most problems. In your case it's more than likely the table nesting that Prince alluded to

    btw, works fine in Mozilla 1.0

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    yup, I keep Netscape 4.7 on my machine just for website testing.

    If your website displays well in Netscape 4.7 it will work in anything!

    and tapster is correct it comes up blank under Netscape.

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    Downloading 4.7 now... I just spent 30 minutes trying to located any unclosed cells or tables, with no luck...

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