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    :uzi: An Interesting Piece of spam

    You know, I just hate spam.

    it makes me want to

    But I really hate spam when it is geared toward the product that you sell yourself.

    Here is what these jerks sent me:

    To run a successful website you will be needing a
    reliable web hosting provider to host your domain name and web pages.
    We are here to offer you a GREAT deal 15 day money back guarantee
    web hosting package that will surely satisify you. is proud to offer you

    I'll save you the rest of the trash they sent.

    Wouldn't it make sense not to spam other webhosts?

    Just venting.
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    Never understood why people get so upset about spam that they help spread its message.

    I delete spam with a keen efficiency - but if I ever felt so inclined to reproduce a spam I would atleast delete the url.

    Oh well.

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    It boggles me why people that get spam come here and paste the entire message.

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    I just spamcop the f**k**s.

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