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    * Your Thoughts....

    Hello Im new too the forum and wanted to get the thoughts on

    our new website..

    The site will tranfer the site to our server in the US at the moment the site is on a server that outside of the US ..

    will take care ...


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    Personally I think its very nice Like the music
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    Very nice. Takes a while to load in full on cable. See if you and quicken the speed of loading.
    Kaumil P.

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    Very nice. Extremely slow loading, as already mentioned. Once it's up though, it's great!

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    Nice site..
    1 suggestion.. stretch the main header to go all the way across..
    (add that color blue cell and set it to 100% width)
    It looks odd in higher res when everything stretches across except that

    Other than that nice job

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    Indeed, that's a nice looking site. I'll second on what aZonic said about stretching the header across.. OR, try fading it out with a gradient or something along those lines.


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    Very nice, the music actually helped alleviate some stress

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    Sorry, I hate to disagree with everyone else so far, but I didn't care for the site.

    Although nicely done, I don't care for splash pages if it doesn't serve any purpose other than a movie.

    On the main page, the header looks bad with all those horizontal lines. The images are distorted, especially the circle photo. The text looks terrible stretched across the screen from end to end, especially at a higher resolution.

    Your graphics throughout the site looks like it was just randomly placed to take up space instead of being used strategically. A few graphics reflect the name "island host." The other images don't match the site and look out of place. Pick one theme and go with it. You have images of islands/beaches, but then you have images of laptops with garden flowers, computers, cell phones, etc.

    I would suggest looking at some professional templates, at least for some inspiration.

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    Not too bad, but a few comments:

    1. The flash intro doesn't seem to serve a purpose. Also, when I clicked on the "skip intro" button, it had to finish loading before it would go to the index page.
    2. The top lines are a little strong, maybe fade them back a little. Your date blends into the line above it.
    3. The circle graphic has some jagged edges in it that are distracting.
    4. Your table layout is off for the bottom half of the circle. Things don't line up correctly. They move around when you resize the window. (see screenshot) Same goes for the curve on the second row of links (align=right).
    5. The red text doesn't seem to go with your color scheme. I would use a dark blue instead.
    6. Slow loading. Not sure if it's your graphics or your server speed.
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