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    Don't go with CyrixWeb


    Do yourself a favour and avoid CyrixWeb like the plague - you really do get what you pay for. There are many tempting offers on the net that seem too good for the money, and CyrixWeb is one of them...wall to wall problems. I cursed the day I ever signed up with them - be very, very careful.

    With virtual hosting, the team providing your hosting really need to have a good knowledge of the systems they are working with, and offer support to you at the highest level - because, lets face it - if something goes wrong, you can't fix it yourself. CyrixWeb fall short of this by miles. Just my opinion/experience of them obviously - but you have been warned.

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    I've been with CyrixWeb for a little over 2 years now and have been very happy with the service. They have great uptime and support is very responsive.

    Every company has disappointed a few clients from time to time but trying to ruin a good company's reputation is just plain wrong. If you have a problem with them, you should really be contacting the company directly.


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    Originally posted by Kelly S

    I've been with CyrixWeb for a little over 2 years now and have been very happy with the service. They have great uptime and support is very responsive.

    Every company has disappointed a few clients from time to time but trying to ruin a good company's reputation is just plain wrong. If you have a problem with them, you should really be contacting the company directly.


    i suppose he tried contacting them many times before posting the above message.

    besides, it's obvious and also he is stating that this is h i s personal experience with them.

    in the same way u r speaking from your (positive) experience, he is speaking from his (bad) experience with them.

    just because u have a good experience with them, doesn't mean that sharing bad experience with a company is wrong.

    this is my humble opinion.

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    Ok...lets get this out in the open then

    * This is CyrixWebIsPoor, I changed names at a moderators request *

    I totally agree, this is just my opinion...but that is all I have to go on. They might be an amazing host, but I can only tell you about my experience - and my experience of them says "avoid CyrixWeb like the plague". I have been encouraged by the Moderator's here (who have heard a brief description of what happened to me) to post the full story, so here goes. My experience with CyrixWeb took place between 17/03/2002 and 27/05/2002.

    I don't mean this to be offensive in any way, it's not - but perhaps Kelly S does not require the same level of service support that I did. I was extremely specific about the hosting I required, I needed something close to dedicated/co-located hosting features - but without the price tag. This meant I required shell access via ssh, manual access to crontab, background processes, etc - or my site would not have the functions that I desired. I did a lot of research at sites like this in order to find a company that might be able to provide a similar service for me. I found CyrixWeb...and as a result of my experience, I haven't touched virtual hosting you could say it changed my life

    Perhaps if you sign up for a basic CyrixWeb package with basic features, the support team know how to handle problems - but at this level, they couldn't seem to fix a single problem. In the time I was with them (I requested my refund pretty sharpish) I was blocked from accessing a number of features of my account by a bad password update that a support member initially did (it updated my password for some features of my hosting, but not correctly for others). I was in a situation where neither my old password, nor my new password gave me access to my services. Despite emailing support and speaking to numerous support members, this problem was never matter how simply it could have been. Numerous support persons told me it was fixed, but none of them actually seemed to check their actions had actually fixed it - so every time I had to go back and say "well actually, haven't fixed it". CyrixWeb also has a very large support team - which is more of a negative aspect than it is a positive. Every time I contacted support (usually to re-discuss an issue they hadn't resolved the time before) I got a new support member - who clearly didn't read the message history correctly. This led to me recieving useless, frustrating responses which seemed to have little to no relevance to my initial question.

    Another issue...I also had an anonymous ftp login to my site - which I certainly didn't want and consider bad security (perhaps the anonymous account in itself is not a security breach, but letting someone in to your server in the first place increases the chances of a hack). I had little faith in CyrixWeb being able to secure an anonymous ftp account, and I immediately requested the anonymous login to be removed (had to request this through support, since the web control panel option to switch it off, actually did nothing - it was broken). The first support member told me:

    "Your anonymous FTP should have been disabled however, I have contacted our Administrative team to find out why it's still enabled."

    After chasing the issue myself, I was then told by a completely differen support member:

    "...unfortunately, it is not able to be shut down unless we shut it down on all the clients that are on your server."

    They can't turn off my anonymous ftp without switching everyone else's off - hopefully a few people reading this will now start going "hmm"...because that is a very strange comment to make. I had a feeling a lot of the time, that I was dealing with people who weren't skilled enough to be provided this kind of support. Since they still hadn't come anywhere near fixing any of the issues I raised, I decided to take the money and go elsewhere - thank god they had a 30 day trial ... right? No - this is where the *real* problems started.

    It eventually took me around 2 months to get my money back. In this time - myself/cyrixweb were emailing each other at least once a day, most days. They claimed to have refunded me via paypal, but I knew this wasn't the case...and hence we entered into a long drawn out dispute over whether they had refunded me, and where the money had gone etc. From my point of view...what could I do? I can't track where CyrixWeb's money had gone - all I could do was constantly try and stay informed with what was happened and try and make them see that the money had not reached me. This gets tiresome after the first couple of days...let alone months. CyrixWeb kept telling me that paypal had confirmed that the money entered my account - however, when I checked with paypal - they told me the complete opposite. I had paypal's support - and paypal had contacted cyrixweb to tell them that there was no sign of the money ever reaching my account - and furthermore, no evidence of it being sent from their account. This is when I began to realise I was going to need to investigate CyrixWeb further, and find out what 3rd parties I could contact to try and resolve the dispute or report CyrixWeb.

    It's worth noting that during this time I repeatedly asked CyrixWeb for a phone number I could ring them on to discuss this in person - but they kept telling me that there was absolutely no way I could ring them - although they could ring me. Despite me giving them my phone number, and asking them to ring - they never rang. I asked to speak to a superior member of the CyrixWeb organisation (by this time I had dealt with around 20+ different support members) - but was told this wasn't possible. When your banging your head against a brick wall already, the last thing you want to be told is that you can only contact them through the email. I am confident I could have solved this matter with them in a short phone call - rather than months of emails. Realising that I couldn't ring them, I did eventually mention to CyrixWeb that I would be contacting their local Better Business Bureau and other 3rd parties, if I did not recieve my money asap.

    Eventually I persuaded the support team to forward my emails to the company owner, although it then took a long time after that to get a response (in fact I had to crawl the web looking at message boards until I found the company owners email address on an old web board listing). Having emailed Justin myself, I recieved a reply within a week or so which said he was looking into it. I was then refunded and told that although their first refund left their company account, it never reached paypal (strange how the support members were telling me paypal were confirming the transaction went through). Ok, so it's a mistake...we all make mistakes - but why did this mistake take around 2 months to even recognise? The simple fact is...if I had not emailed them every day and spent a *considerable* amount of my own time trying to get the money that was owed to me...I wouldn't have got it back at all. I am sure of that.

    In total, the correspondance between myself and CyrixWeb totals over 100 emails (over 140 including paypal). And I still have the archive of all correspondance as evidence of the service I recieved.

    I see people here have good responses for CyrixWeb too, and I am not suprised. This is merely my experience of them - and every other customer will have their own story to tell. I am not trying to "ruin a good company's reputation" - I don't think I have to. I have been with a number of good web hosts in the past, and a number of bad ones. I haven't felt the need to comment on any of the bad ones before - but when you an experience like this...something has to be said. For all you or I know - this could have happened a few times, and it is my duty as a past customer of this company to speak out about my experience. I would feel awful if this happened to someone else, as a result of me not having warned people.

    kind regards
    An Ex-CyrixWeb customer

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