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    I hate spammers!!!

    Started receiving "undeliverable" mail this morning - Started out with 3 or 4 messages..

    This dink of a spammer is using one of my e-mail addresses as the "from" address in his porn spam.

    I just deleted over a thousand undeliverable messages.. and they keep coming in.

    Time to block incoming mail to the account.


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    Save a copy of it so you can forward it to the ISP the spammer's using. Then the spammer can be removed from their network.
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    Their is an email address you can send it to at the FCC also to report the Spammer to them, especially being that he is going nuts like that.

    Spam is bad, can't stand it, I have one email box that I get a good 20 to 30+ spam mails in every day. It drives me nuts because I remove myself from these lists and block them and they just keep coming. Drives me nuts.
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