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    Multiple peer routing

    Okay, I just brought in some new bandwidth for my box using an aternative peer, namely internap.

    The box itself is bound to an IP that is cogent, so the default gateway is on the same subnet and is the gateway that handles cogent connections. THe new ip is on a different subnet entirly, and the gateway is on teh same subnet as the new ip. The hostmask is always

    So my current configuration [not actual ips] is :-

    Box IP :
    Default Gateway :

    Now the new ip to be added is :-

    IP :
    Default Gateway :

    So, ive added alias commands to the nic to bind the new ip addresses to the box. What im needing to workout now is how the box is going to be routing outbound traffic to the new default gateway.

    Im running freebsd, how would I add a second default gateway ?

    Its working up to now, coz I assume that the default gateway is aware of the 2nd gateway on the network and routing tables are propogating throughout.

    The new ip is going to be use predominantly for radio streams, how do I ensure that the outbound streams are being routed through the correct carrier, is there some way to specify routes for the new IP and to what gateway is used ?

    Currently I olny have one default gateway, and the ips bound as aliases.

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    Nobody any ideas?

    Mabey even a suggestion of where I might get help with such problem ?

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    Why not bring the 2 feeds into a lower end cisco router, run BGP4 and you're set.

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    ITs not an option for me to suggest alternative hardware. I also dont want to have any load balancing, I want dedicated bandwidth for one project, which will be using the internap IP's and must go through the internap router.

    Ipfw seems to be the way to go, but there must be an easier way, or is getting an extra NIC going to be the best ?

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    Put 2 NICs in the machine.

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