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Thread: Comments please

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    Comments please

    Can you review and comment this site


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    Black text on dark blue doesn't work, especially for buttons. And at the very least, use some rollever images you can preload with the page. Also, make the button text smaller - it will actually stand out far better.

    Are there only 50 states in the USA? Thought was 53 - but then again, I'm English, so what would I know

    The translater is a superb idea - though I wouldn't know if it actually works!

    Remove the upper right box with contact details and place them at the bottom of your main text section. That will help straighten your presentation and keep everything on a single page, with less need for scrolling [which is something to avoid in marketing].

    Remove the bottom right terms and conditions and privacy policy boxes and place them under your company contact details as well - help with the straightening.

    By the way - your header text is far too long. Short concise header please: Offshore Company Formation should quite suffice.

    Hope that helps.


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    Originally posted by I, Brian
    Are there only 50 states in the USA? Thought was 53 - but then again, I'm English, so what would I know
    Just FYI, there are only 50 states in the US.

    A couple suggestions on the site:

    Add some padding to your text in the tables. With the border around the info to the right, all the text is right up next to it and would look better if it was padded a little bit so it was away from the edges.

    For your main section of text, the same issue with text. Why is there a dark bar right next to the text? I would get rid of it.

    On your links to the left, I would add some leading between the words. They almost overlap each other. It may help if you shrink the text size a little too.

    Finally, most sites put the copyright and all the disclaimer stuff at the bottom of the site instead of inside the main area.
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Ah, yes - 50 - silly me. Told you I was English!!! )

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