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    PHP Coder needed ASAP!

    The script I need requires the following skills:

    Basic/Advance PHP skills
    PHP File Manipulation skills
    mySQL skills

    For complete details please ICQ: 11382784

    Private Messages & Email will not be read.

    If you would like to work for me, I require you have ICQ for best communication.


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    Hey there,

    I am interested in taking on the job, but am currently away from my office at the moment, and do not have access to ICQ. Could you possibly expand upon what you have already said regarding what you need done, also please state a budget for the programming work, and a projected completion date.

    Thanks for your time,

    Mark Barron
    [PHP] Incite Designs

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    Istanbul / Turkey
    Why ICQ, Many people don't use it? Ok this is your decision. I don't use ICQ, if you change you mind please PM me.

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    Well I still haven't found anyone..
    Just a little update to the people I have already talked to.

    I have the script 60-70% complete.

    Work that still needs to be done:

    <-Members Area->

    Delete Entry
    Modify Entry (working on it now, i should have it done soon)
    List Entries (lists all the entries the person has made so they can delet/edit)
    Favorites Page


    Remove/Approve Entries (its done.. but has bugs)


    Rating System 1-10 in decimal output format (can only vote once)

    If you would like to re-submit your quote please do so thru ICQ or email if you want. Thanks

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