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    * Beware of Virus W32.Klez.H

    Tonight I opened my inbox and my email client status window showed receiving 1 of 128,000 messages from my ISP mail account. Norton Antivirus immediately identified the email attachment as a virus but still continued to download all 128,000 messages until I finally used the "quarantine" feature, it halted the download and I was able to delete the incoming attachment causing the attempted downloads.

    This is the first time I have ever received or downloaded a virus. This incident made me start to think about how to handle email bombers who flood your inbox with thousands of messages (besides finding them and shooting them). What's the best way to prevent this and/or remove the thousands of messages from the server without deleting other incoming mail on the server?

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    Has anyone tried this program to remove email bombs?

    Email Chomper

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    don't forget to watch out for bugbear

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    Wow, Klez has been around for a long time. I haven't seen bugbear at all yet, but I have been getting around 300 'netbios name' requests a day from random IPs as opposed to the 5 or so a day I used to get.

    This same thing happened when CodeRed came out and Nimda. Not sure what's causing this action, but something's out there that is building up.


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    bugbear seems to be dying down a little now. apparently there is a new virus around that is supposed to be spreading faster than Klez did (and I think Klez is one of the biggest viruses ever).

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    Isn't there a setting so norton scans every email before it comes in and then deletes it auto- if it has a virus? Mine does...

    And wildcard- are you from hackersquest? Or is that just a common name

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    I think norton corporate has that option. I run Officescan at my job so I just updated all the definitions but I still need everyone to get a reboot in order to load the latest definitions so I rebooted the exchange servers so they will need to reboot before they can get any email thus loading the new definitions. Anyone yes there are a couple nasty buggers out there..

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