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    Suggested Reading

    Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground

    I was out crusing Borders for some PHP books when I ran into this masterpiece. It is a great book...regardless if you are a metalhead or a conservative christian. It goes in depth into the early 90's black metal and the stories which gave it such a bad impression: church burnings, riots, killings.

    It mainly covers (to see if you older folks remember these things on the news):

    Church Burnings
    "Dead" from Mayhem, commiting suicide <in which his fellow band members took pictures of his dead body, then used parts of his cranium to create a necklace>
    Hendrik Mobus, killing a student at a college
    Brad Eithun, who killed a homosexual stranger
    Varg Vikernes, who killed a fellow metalhead, by stabbing him in the head

    I know you are thinking this is evil, and you are going to be damned for reading it, but you won't be...It is a very good book. It doesn't try to preach paganism or anything of the sort. It simply is a suspenseful story of evil, something along the Blair Witch Project type, with truth behind it.

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    never mind

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    what ? this doesn't sound evil ... just stupid

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