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    HostPacket Does It Again

    Now that the HostPacket staff... (1 person Kevin) has come back from the month Holidays he took leaving users with no support.

    His response to the people using his forum to complain about the lack of service and demanding refunds is to ban them from the forum for complaining.

    Problem goes away then...

    So if you are wondering what happened to HardYardsAdmin, he got banned.

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    Are you serious?? The owner of the business goes away for 4 weeks with no staff around to maintain the business?? Surely you're kidding here.... Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Resellers do it all the time! They let the data center people take care of the problems. j/k
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    Originally posted by Aussie Bob
    Are you serious?? The owner of the business goes away for 4 weeks with no staff around to maintain the business?? Surely you're kidding here....
    A re-post from a post I posted at the HostPacket support forum - which has now been deleted, of course...(and I posted this here earlier - so here it is again, just to bring those new on this up-to-speed) -

    So, its looks like Kevin is now banning HostPacket Forum members on his support forum now, both those who were ex-HostPacket customers and those just asking for help. I just received multiple IMs from several members here that have been banned, just because they were asking for help (yes, Kevin it can be annoying, but maybe if you actually HELPED them they would stop asking) or were requesting the status on their refund. Instead of facing up to his actions, he is continuing to censor the truth and deny those who deserve refunds and those in need for support. Let's do a quick recap, shall we -

    - First week of Sept. HostPacket goes down for a period of 4 days (throughout Labor Day weekend here in the States). (This is not the first instance, as HostPacket was down for several hours during the last few days of August.)

    - When the HostPacket service comes back online, ALL user accounts have been deleted and there is no backup in sight. 99.9% uptime guarantee and daily backup promises turns out to be all but broken promises.

    - Customers are told to change their name servers. This buys Kevin time to find help, since Jason and other techs associated with HostPacket have run for the hills, as the propagation time for a nameserver change is 24-72 hours. Nameserver changes leaves a bunch of customers (and to this day) in confusion and disarray and multiple sites are still down.

    - Kevin, then hires Martin and later Ronald, to ease customer relationships as he hurries to find help to get user accounts re-created. He squarely places blame on Rackshack, when indeed it was soley Kevin's fault for not putting in place certain filters to block spam, monitoring his customer's usage/activities, and not carefully agreeing to RackShack's TOS.

    - It is later learned that RackShack has deleted and physically removed the hard drives that HostPacket and user accounts were stored on. Again, there is no backup for user accounts, so all data and MSQL data for user accounts is lost. Mysteriously, the main site for HostPacket is recovered fine, but despite promised daily backups, no user account is restored from these advertised "daily backups".

    - The HostPacket support forum is wiped clean and all customer requests and demands for help and support are lost - thus, need to be reposted.

    - A week later Martin leaves and Kevin refuses to pay him, and calls him one of the 'bad guys' on the WHT Forum.

    - 3 weeks later Ronald now goes missing.

    - Kevin promises those who requested refunds both on the HP Forum and within private channels, that refunds would be going out on Sept. 15 - a whole 2 weeks later after the inital downtime and when people started asking for a refund. (Now, a month later, people still have yet to see any refund - thus have, or urged, to place a chargeback).

    - Mutliple errors still exist on the HostPacket service, some users who decided to stay with HostPacket do not have their accounts correctly set up (ie., hardyard, etc.), and ticket-based help/support is still non-functional (now says "trial-expired" - did you even pay a license for this Kevin?). Users begin to actively and vocally complain on the HostPacket Forum.

    - Kevin decides to take a "vacation" for more than a week, not telling anyone. Nor does he leave anyone in a support position to help those current HostPacket users still recovering from the loss of data/account during the original down-time incident in the beginning of September. Users on the HostPacket Forum guess that Kevin has moved on to his next fraud and HostPacket will soon be disappearing.

    - All of a sudden, Kevin returns (!). He blatantly tells HP forum members he went on a "vacation" (no doubt it was on the customer's expense - those he still owed refunds/credit to). His first decision of action is not to help those needing it, but to delete all posts that are asking for help and requiring assistance with their accounts and ignoring those inquiring what the status of the refunds are (since customers are starting to get their month-end credit card statements and do not see any type of credit/refund). He calls those posts asking for help that were deleted by him: "too annoying" and "I (Kevin) just want to remove them."

    - Kevin is pressed again by users seeking help with their accounts and asking why they have not received refunds - these users are now banned from posting in the HostPacket forum.

    - UPDATE: 10/6 - Kevin decides to go on another "cleaning-spree" deleting all posts and replies asking for help and pressing him for a refund that was promised to them. The "Clients" thread at the HP forum is currently locked and only two posts with no replies (posted by him) remain. All posts asking for help will have to be reposted. All emails from users questioning this move are, as usual, ignored by Kevin.

    If I forgot any occurances, please feel free to add them. No one should even look at or to HostPacket for their hosting needs. They are simply a scam. Kevin should have done the right thing weeks ago. He should have offered instant refunds to those asking and offer new incentives (more space, a few months free) for those deciding (why?) to stay. He should have also been working his a$$ off to get things fixed and users happy again. Instead, he decides to take a "vacation".

    Also, throughout this whole time any contact via phone has been impossible. There is just a message and no human being to take your call.

    This whole HostPacket operation was a fraud, from start to finish. Just remember Kevin, what goes around, comes around.

    Update 10/7 - I, too, have now been banned from posting on the HP forums.
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    Originally posted by Aussie Bob
    Are you serious?? The owner of the business goes away for 4 weeks with no staff around to maintain the business?? Surely you're kidding here....
    Yup .. Kevin posted that himself on the forums .

    ahhh.. just think , he needed a well deserved break from the marauding masses . Spending all the clients money for a service not provided must have revitalised him to come back so soon .. Or he needs some more funds from unsuspecting future clients .

    Nasty piece of work that Kevin .

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    Well, I am not a customer of them, but I do remember reading a post(s) that was made by Kevin that he did not honor the money-back guarantee because he didn't write them.

    While that could mean he copied someone else's hosting plan and its descriptions (possibly TOS as well), that's only my assumption.

    Originally posted by Cimara

    If I forgot any occurances, please feel free to add them.
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