We are seeking to have a Hosting Site designed for one of our Hosting companies.

Our desire is to have a creative & vibrant technology design that is simple but effective. Our preference is for php coded site for speed and function.
All coding for our relevant requests are assumed needed.

Features we seek with the design are:

1. (3) virtual Hosting packages.

2. Dedicated or shared server packages - via affiliation

3. (7) Relevant Primary links: Home | About Us | Features etc. additional links would be required for such items as policy, users rights, a sign up process.

4. Client Login - Support area's
This would give client access to certain functions such as the Perl Help Desk, Help screens, Software code for their sites etc. Different than that help desk logon but could be combined as one.

5. Plesk - Webmail Access
Just a client link to: http://webmail.donap.com as an example. The client types in their domain you insert it into the string and resolve them to the domain. Info not correct we return them to the screen to try again.

6. Domain Check - Using 3rd party access.

7. Domain Registrations - Using OnlineNic php code

8. Perl Desk Help integration
intergarate access within design.

9. Date and Time displayed on all pages

10. News & info updates.

I know I have probable left something out but the main items are listed.

So folks let me see and hear what you have to offer.

I don't want to have to take out a 2nd mortgage, I don't want to have to max out my cards and I sure as hell won't sell my new 745Li so keep it real.

There can be consideration for server space etc. as part of package as we currently control 3 dedicated servers with less than 8% total utilization per.

Oh yes, we will require all code and graphics used and the right to such transferred.

You may email me with your offers and samples. I will respond to those that we have interest in.

- Glen
[email protected]