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    Co-Branding Hosting

    Hey. I, from the thousands here who know me, am a leading wrestling webmaster. I do not run on a ded but am looking to start a "hosting company". Therefore, I want to co-brand.

    My site has a huge market of potential webmasters. These people would feel more comfortable signing up for hosting with a site they trust like (my site) as opposed to a random hosting firm. However, when they sign up, they are taken to your billing page.

    I would perform routine support for my customers (ie: inform them of downtime, assist with basic problems) but would look to you for the technical assistance. Thus, I would somewhat be acting as a server admin for a managed server, but only I'd be operating a section of your server.

    I am very trustworthy and would actually offer a huge service to attract customers - I would provide a complimentary newsboard or forum script installation with every sign-up! That is something that will get customers!

    I would require a small commission fee, probably about 10-25% of your monthly fee.

    Reply with your offer in this thread or in my PM box (NOT E-Mail).

    Ben Johnson

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    Hello Mr Johnson,

    I just read your thread and it seems you have a great plan if you haven't found anyone I'm sure we can set you up with a great plan.

    We are putting up a new server this week and we can start you on there so you will have lot's of room to grow.

    Stop by to see if you like the plans we can probably get you 25-30% off each package and set you up so your company will not be known as connected to us in any way. you can bill the customers yourself so you would get the hosting accounts for free until your billing cycle comes around.

    The best way to describe this is in person, I will be in the office from 10-6 Monday at 1-866-660-HOST just ask for Charles I can explain better that way.

    Thank you,

    Charles Yarbrough

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