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    Web Hosting Design For Sale

    This is a design that was going to be used for another one of our sites for hosting services, but the design is no longer going to be used. This design was made by DesignPixelNY, I'm not sure what's his main site, but his name is Satyakam Misra. We had this design custom made by him.


    (Edited screenshot to have copyright info by advice of a user)

    The gif screenshot file distorts it a bit, but it's actually very sharp. The menu links on the left are rollovers with arrows.

    Included are all the PSD files, html file for main page, fonts used, along with one html file for an inside page. This was a unique design, that will not be resold.

    Note: The logo is not included in the design, you would have to get your own logo to place in the position where our current logo is located.

    You can change it around, and do whatever you wish with it, since PSD's are included. This design was made about 2-3 months ago and was to be used immediately, but we moved on with other ventures instead of launching that site. Please do not submit bids are anything here, as I probably won't check the board.

    Please email all interest or requests to me at [email protected] with any bids or questions.

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    Very nice indeed.

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    Someone could rip that. Might wanna slap some sample text over it or summit..


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    Checked back on the board and saw your comment, and thanks for the tip. Hopefully no one does, but I've just edited it slightly to have some copyright stuff on it, makes it look bad, but hey hopefully you can ignore the copyright stuff and see that the site has potential

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    Heh, indeed it's a nice design. Kinda forgot to get ya props there on my first post. Good luck selling it!


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    Nice Designes!

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