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    punishment arcade

    now boys get your minds out of the gutter, i didnt mean that i know exactly what your thinking.

    while have a few pints earlier we found an arcade machine that was basically a speed ball you whack and it reads off a score of how hard you hit it. great fun when your drunk, even more fun when your my build and can show off. but we got to talking about guiltydon milosavich and what to do with him when hes found guilty (anyone know if the hague can order him executed btw? not sure on that one) and we hit upon the idea that people like him and his cronies should be installed in pubs in a similar booth, and people put in a pound and get to whack him, all proceeds going to victims etc. i mean we can all think of a few people who have disgregarded human rights to such an extent they dont deserve any themselves.
    so anyways, do people like milosavich and bin lid deserve the same rights they refused to respect for other people?

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    I don't believe anyone will allow a punishment for genocide of beating someone up...

    I don't believe in "an eye for an eye", so this wouldn't be justified. Genocide, in my opinion, should simply be punished under house arrest, or imprisonment. (Of course my opinion on this is fresh, as I have been looking into genocide for my recent school term paper on Pol Pot <Cambodian leader>).

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    Genocide means exterminating an entire race..

    Beating up one person is not genocide... however, it still wont be allowed.. most religions wouldnt allow it either

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    hehe it was a little tongue in cheek if you hadnt guessed just an amusing sunday pub idea, but theres seriousness behind it. do such people deserve to be afforded rights? i mean genocide, thats not exactly a minor crime. its the systematic and total removal of a race from existance. why should society support this person living in comfort for the rest of their days? attonement is due. im all for rehabilitiation but i believe its ineffective unless its acompanied by an appropriate punishment.

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