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    which is better for a windows 2000 pro box

    apache or iis5.0

    right now im running apache

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    also how do i go about managing dns with apache on windows.

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    That question is like asking:

    Which is better with Cereal? Milk or Cat Piss?

    You can do much more with IIS on a Windows Box.

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    Depends. If it's your testing server, you will be better off with IIS. It's a lot less work, but unless your running server edition, you will be limited to 10 connections.

    You could always run apache, which will give your more connections, but it's much harder to work with unless you are already familiar with the software.

    Then there's the beckonning question: do you need ASP? If you need ASP, you need IIS. I've tried every emulator on the market, and haven't found one that actually works right without consuming all your system memory.
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    Im pretty familiar with apache since i have run 2 linux boxes before. This is kinda my test box but i will proble end up running my site off this box when i finish designing it and coding it.

    I know all about the asp stuff and i really don't use asp or see the need for it much. I know php very well along with mysql. I am also running backoffice mysql server on this box (more or less for visual basis and any form appz i make with it).

    I also want to know if i can install echange server enterprize edition on a 2000 pro box. Also what do i do dns with for apache. That is the one thing i have never really had to do is the dns. I plan on hosting proble 2 sites on the one ip and maybe parking a domain or 2 to load what the other one loads. Since i have .com .net and .org of my one domain.

    Thanks again

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    anybody gonna reply i really want to get started soon. Hopefully tonight.

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