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    Site design needs a php/asp coder. Its a non profit site, and I don't have a job. So I do not have much money. informs people about the latest technology and also entertains people. I can offer advertising, and a little money. I get around 5000-6000 hits a day. You can contact me by email, AOL Instant Messenger, and this thread. I prefer you contact me using AOL Instant Messenger.

    Email: [email protected]
    AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: Countertop187

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    how much are u offering for u job? - Marketing with Passion
    Tamer o'kail - Creative Director

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    Guys - read the rules, particularly this one:

    "Participants may not instruct users to check your e-mail, check your PM, or inform them that they've got mail or a new PM, or any variant thereof. This rule is also applicable in the advertising forums."

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