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    Fat Fat Hosting Packages

    No, this is not an ad. But I am wondering -- why do some web hosts offer SUCH BIG accounts, including gigabytes of storage space, etc.? I've personally never created a web site that was even more than 5MB in size.

    So, obviously I'm asking this question to you biz owners out there because I'd like to be informed about what type of customers use these "fat" hosting packages or whether these big package offerings are simply a marketing ploy.

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    i used to admin a database driven website...that database it self was nearly 200MB, with close to 3 GB of images....

    there's always someone creating large someone will have to provide hosting services for it

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    i think what he is saying is that even the basic packages are huge and way over what small customers need.

    my theory is that you cant charge the customer 50 cents, its just not worth it, so you might as well give him some stuff (that hes probably not gonna use anyway) to justify the $5 price tag =]

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    Rusko made a good point. A lot of hosting companies offer large amounts of space just so that their plans would sound better. I think that if someone (home user) has smallest clue about website, he/she is not going to judge a plan and the company by the amount of space it offers. Hope this answers your question.

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    The market is competitive & offering stuff that people will never use is an easy differentiator - except eventually it just gets a bit out of hand.
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    Believe me or not, I made this one site for one friend of mine from Chicago and it uses PHP-Nuke....... the script only took 10MBs of space and then added the photos/music and few other things plus the database right now is at 100MB.

    Total comes to about 300+Mbs and it's still growing.

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    Several reasons:

    - customers think they need more
    - you can only fit so many sites on a box. Divide max by that number and you get your minimum size. Overselling is then applied.
    - It allows you to upsell people because they think they're getting a better deal even though they won't use it.
    - By offering small packages with few options, you can move the space up along with the package options to add value to the 'target' package you had in mind all along.
    - Some database-intensive sites etc. actually need that much space.
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