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    Arrow How to get the word out about anew hosting company...

    Hello all,

    Well as some of you know, I'm 16, and own a starting up web hosting company. Right now, I only have a few clients, all of them I knew before the company, friends of friends and such.

    How did all the start ups here get the word out ... get their first clients?

    I live in Manhattan, so there aren't really any papers I could advertise in ... all of them are big and expensive ... like the NYT and such. I don't have much money to do this with, but I guess I'll have to save up.

    Please ... everyone respond with recomendations

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    Well, you could start by telling people what your company name is and what your web site is so they can have a look at what you have to offer.

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    Add a signature! Is a good start. Submit to as many hosting directories as possible, remember the biggest ones aren't always the best.

    Submit to search engines

    Create articles and such for free download or that you can trade links with etc, both of which will get you visitors and better rankings in search engines

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    word of mouth has been and always will be the most effective form of advertising....but there is good WOM and bad WOM...the bad WOM spreads faster than good, so you dont want to mess anything up.....

    but as already said, put a signature on everything (emails, forum profiles, aim/icq profiles)....and you'll also need to think about spending some advertising money in the begining to get noticed

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    if you are sure that you offer something good and have good looking site then go a head and spend $350-$500 in's showcase.

    After the month you may sell a total of $300-$500! but you got some new blood clients, world wide.

    do your best and serve this customers and be sure that you will get more and more customers from this ppl's words.

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    Participating in forums such as or might get you new clients. Anyway, Good Luck

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    Your friends have friends, who have friends, who have friends...etc....etc. Word of mouth is the best way to build your business. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Word of mouth... this seems to be the best solution.
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    Word of mouth comes as a reward for providing a solid service over time - i.e creating loyal customers who tell other people & recommend you.

    But, you will need to advertise at first - for example the hostsearch showcase mentioned earlier in the thread, or webhostdir, findsp etc. Then cultivate your customers. The most effective marketing you can do for the long term is to look at first rate customer service not as a necessary evil but as an incubator for cultivating unpaid sales people.

    Web hosting is very competitive & you can't be successful overnight or with no marketing budget, so you should probably go with your initial though of waiting & saving up.
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    Originally posted by zoli
    Word of mouth... this seems to be the best solution.
    Yeah, what he said.

    Good luck to ya'
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    Try google ads

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    I'm just starting as well, and from my experience, word of mouth (good word of mouth) is worth GOLD! I need more clients though, so I think I will spend some money and go with as stated earlier.
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    Like everyone said, word of mouth is very good. Also try posting up posters in your town, and towns/citys around you. Just print off some posters with 10-20 little tag things you can tear off, and put them in businesses around town, seems to work good.

    Also DO NOT SPAM.

    You live in Manhatten, KS... Right? I live near there.
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    Word of mouth yes, it generates over 60% of our business, but you need to have that client base first, personally I wouldnt go blowing out mega bucks on advertising, this place and other forums will work wonders for you, get yourself a sig a do some posting, you will soon see the signups coming through. Adding your site to big directorys like will also bring you some big hitters who have one intention ... to buy web hosting, so if you have attractive plans they will have no reason not to choose you ... offer them good support and a good service and you can then start thinking about your "Word of mouth" with the client base you have.

    Good luck, would love to see your site.
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    i think he was referring to Manhattan, NYC, NY. quite a ways from KS

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    Submitting to directories is a good idea, as well as the signatures. It works great. Nothing works better than direct marketing though.
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    NY and Kansas.... Yah you're right there far away, but I still stick to my point..... Posters = best FREE bet.

    Try going to places like YMCA, local librarys, stores, almost any big business will let you put up posters (Smaller ones.) For free, that'll give you about 20-25 people a day, about 5-10 of them will tell 2-3 of their friends, who in turn will tell their friends, and so on.... Tons of free advertising

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    Let us all know how it goes anyhow
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    It all depends on who you are targetting. In particular I target the adult webmaster crowd, so I spend time on the adult webmaster boards at a few sites that get mad traffic and I post their with my site in my signature, this has increased my traffic greatly as I tend to post in the well read stuff, and since these are webmasters that might need hosting they come and check out the site.

    Word of mouth also helps from this same crowd, we are a tight knit bunch of folks so that works well also.
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    I've gotten most of my clients through word of mouth and running targetting ads on gaming websites, has worked great so far!

    Plus once you get around 50 or so clients word of mouth really is more active...
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    Re: How to get the word out about anew hosting company...

    Originally posted by godsmoke
    I'm 16, and own a starting up web hosting company. Right now, I only have a few clients, all of them I knew before the company, friends of friends and such.

    How did all the start ups here get the word out ...
    I'd also look to your school and any other activities you might be involved in for marketing opportunities: index-card posters on student bulletin boards and at your local rec center, ads in the school paper or the parent-teacher organization newsletter (not too expensive probably), even some material dropped off in the teachers' lounge or main office (with the appropriate person's OK).

    None of these might sound like they'll set your marketing numbers on fire, but you might be surprised: other students go into business, too, as do teachers, school administrators, aerobics instructors and parents. For example, I bet you'll find a lot of stay-at-home moms with part-time businesses (everything from home day-care to Avon to book editing) they'd love to promote more online.

    Hope this helps you!
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    Has anyone found anything good in banner ads? I dont know if it is a dying form of advertising.

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