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    1 Server For Sale - 100$ a month

    This is a DV2 Server I have that I no longer use.
    1Ghz Pen 3 (Not celeron)
    256MB ram
    20GB HD (It may be 40, I am not sure, I have to check)
    400 Multi-Homed BW (It may be 500GB, I think they upgraded the pakage)
    No Control Panel
    Full root... install anything you want
    Your choose of RED hat 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, or the new 8.0

    100$ month plus 50$ one time setup for a operatiing system reinstall.

    I orginaly got this server for 139$ a month! please contact me at [email protected] or a messanger:
    smartmlp1 (aol)
    [email protected] (msn)
    smartmlp (yahoo)
    112460130 (icq)

    I will edit this message and tell you when I have sold this server, so as of now, I have not sold it.

    I am willing to lower the price and make deals!
    (I cannot gaurentee that the server will still be around in 6 months as I may cancel it)
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    how much data transfer?

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    I believe standard DV2 servers come with 500GB of transfer.


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    So this is to rent from you a DV2 server? You will keep the contract on the server and not transfer it to us?

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