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    Reselling to Resellers...

    Greetings All,

    Was wondering if the majority of companies that offer reseller accounts to web hosts, get their reseller accounts from a company that sells reseller accounts to resell or if the majority of them own or lease servers and bandwidth and put together reseller accounts to sell that way.

    Hope that made sense, I think i'm getting a headache just trying to understand what I asked?

    Anyone got any comments or know of any companys that sell reseller accounts to resell? Thanks!

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    Hrmm.. well I know I have my own servers =]

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    I don't think there would be enough of a profit margin for you to resell reseller accounts. It just would not be finacially viable. Just wait until you have your own servers and then you can offer reseller accounts.
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    Actually from what I know, most web hosts which offers resellers account usually have their own facilities or servers. This will ensure that they can make the necessary profit margin to keep afloat. By offering resellers account to resell would not actually be a good idea, partly because it would not be profitable enough to offer it and also because of the multi-level technical support. And also, there is no advantage to purchase a resellers account from a reseller.

    Imagine, if the client has a problem and forward the trouble ticket to the reseller who subsequently send it to the next tier of reseller and then that reseller send it to the main host. Doesn't quite make sense. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Very true.

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    If I were a customer, I would be afraid to sign up with a reseller of a reseller of a reseller. Too pyramid for me. I can imagine what support would be like. You can't skip the chain of control.
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    Pretty true unless there are tons of value added which the reseller of the reseller of the reseller provides which is not found elsewhere. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    That is true...we are really just interested to see how the general hosting public goes about this. We really are not interested in taking on the task at this point (a bit out of our realm right now, we are trying to perfect one thing at a time ), we just thought we would see how it is being done.

    Thanks everyone for your input!

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    Don't stop now. I was just getting interested in rellers selling reselling to resell.

    There are different prices in the reseller arena. And different levels of support. Why would it not be possible to find someone that offered reseller accounts with a good support system intact so that you could, at least on the profit side of things, resell their reseller plans and still expect adequate support?
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