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    Hi, need your help finding a host!!

    Just when I think I've found one, someone told me to come to this site and it's been enlightening to say the least.

    I'm read some great tips from you guys. My site is going to be a personal one, mainly a fic site. But it gets tons of hits so the coowner and I want to move it to it's own domain. For domain, I'm going to get either go daddy or register so that's not a problem.

    But finding a host is lol. I need a reliable but not too expensive host.

    I was going to go with your but it only has 50 mb, I don't think that's going to be enough for me in the long run. So I;m looking at 70-100 mb. And also your doesn't have subdomains, meaning that I cant host another site on my space unless I pay extra? So it's out, for now.. I know more about html stuff then technical stuff lol. BTW can I pay more for space at your

    So this is what I'm looking for.

    70-100 mb
    cost: $50-60 a year
    also must have video/meg capabilities cause I make quite a few video/slideshows

    I've seen you guys with other stuff which I will need but like i said I don't know too much about the technical aspect. But any help would be greatly apreciated.


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    BBJ : welcome first of all

    Secondly i think this particular forum will not give you as good results as the Request forum down there. Companies are allowed to advertise there.

    all the best
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    You may have some difficulty finding a reliable host at that price.

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    Thanks for the replies will post this in the Requests forum and will maybe up the price a little.

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