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    "Acceptable" level of packet loss - opinions please


    This question is for those with some network performance experience.

    What would you consider to be an acceptable level of packet loss, on average, for a shared hosting server on a supposed high-performance/high-speed network?

    For instance, how does an average of 3% over the course of six hours look? How about 16% for two hours at a time, once per day?



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    I would say that less than 1 percent is an acceptable level of packet loss. Anything above that would lead me to believe the data center is experiencing issues.

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    Its more complicated than just what % of packetloss.

    You could have 20-30% packet loss on your traces but yet it be on your ISP's side.

    Basically the first congested line a trace hits the rest of the traceroute or packet loss test will be tainted.

    So you have to make sure to find out where that packet loss is coming from.

    But overall i'd say less than 1% on the hosts network, now once it leaves that network and that datacenter any number of variables can take over to cause problems.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. Sorry I wasn't more specific in the original post, I was in a rush trying to get it posted and get to my kid's game on time. Anyway..

    The method I used to pinpoint the problem machine(s) was to traceroute from my home computer to my servers, and then from my servers to my home machine. I then pinged each IP along the route from both sides until narrowing the problem to two particular IPs within my host's network. This has been a long-standing problem, and is always involving the same two IPs.

    Daniel - your suggestion of 1% or less within the host's network is right in line with what I've been reading elsewhere.

    Thanks again,


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