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Thread: PHP classes

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    PHP classes

    Hi, I was wondering if php's member functions and variables have identifiers like C/C++ to prevent them from being accessed outside the class.

    so what is a way to the following in php?

    class kaveh
    private var $myVar;


    $obj = new kaveh();
    $obj->$myVar; //ERROR

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    The Zend Engine 2.0 introduces private member variables. Note that for performance reasons no error message is emitted in case of an illegal access to a private member variable.
    For more information visit

    PHP Code:
    class MyClass {
    $Hello "Hello, World!\n";

    printHello() {

    MyClass2 extends MyClass {
    printHello() {
    MyClass::printHello(); /* Should print */
    print $this->Hello;    /* Shouldn't print out anything */

    $obj = new MyClass();
    $obj->Hello;  /* Shouldn't print out anything */
    $obj->printHello(); /* Should print */

    $obj = new MyClass2();
    $obj->Hello;  /* Shouldn't print out anything */
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