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    Another question for those who use paypal internationally?


    I've had about enough with paypal recently.

    According to paypal all members must add a credit card to accept a payment into their PayPal Account. For some reason I was able to accept payment a payment before but I can't now.

    I think paypal run such a crappy system, it takes away the ease of so-called internet payment and the whole "paypal" concept.

    Don't get me wrong I'm over 18 and can have a credit card. I just think that paypal seem to make it as complicated as possible to be able to receive money.

    What do you think on the matter? Is there anything that's like paypal but actually GOOD?

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    I have an account with PayPal. I never used and I will never use it.

    You know why, because I am not comfortable with giving up my bank account # to them on top of your CC.

    I heard horror stories enough to convince me to back-out.

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    what other altrenative would you suggest??

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    Wink Warning!

    I've been using paypal outside countries they consider risky(where they dont have an office yet) they'll trace you IP and ban your account for months. Right now I've been avoiding checking my balance online but only through ATM machines with my Paypal debit Card.

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    I am using paypal from 3 months but in the beggning they blocked my account for security reason cos i got $3000 in my account within 1 in half month so may be that was the reason.
    but its all perfect now.
    after this ancident i am not leaving any cash in my account more then $100.
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