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    Okay, this is my criteria for a host. Recommendations, por favor?

    Okay. IPowerWeb has officially driven me over the edge. They're supposedly transferring my domain to a better server, and it's been almost 48 hours, rather than the 18 hours they promised. Anyway, I want a host like this:

    ~200 MB Storage
    ~20 GB transfer
    Quick & Effective Customer Support
    Really good uptime

    And if at all possible, I'd like something like this for $8-10.

    Oh, and I'd like to be able to pay by the month so I can cancel at any time without losing much money. That's the mistake I made with IPowerWeb.

    I'm not looking for offers, I'm looking for host suggestions.

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    Heh, shouldn't this be in another forum? Oh and it's not always so easy to find really good uptime for $8-$10.


  3. #3 shouldn't be in another forum, I clearly stated I was looking for suggestions. And fine, that's just dandy. If you can't think of a host between those prices, then fine.

    For anyone else, I'd be willing to go up to $12.


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    No, this is the right forum (she wants suggestions not requests)

    Jenna, John is right, for that low budget with that much bandwidth you will be giving up the support aspect of it.

    Maybe you don't need that much bandwidth? or if you do, maybe you could find a host that will give you some sort of discount if you advertise for them, or maybe you could find a sponsor willing ot advertise on your site?

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    Let's not get defensive now. Oh, and I just thought of something. I've heard good things about edge-host.( They have low prices, and as far as I know the service and speed is decent as well.


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    Well, I clearly stated why I was posting this information. It's posted in the correct forum.

    I'm sure I could do with less bandwidth. Unfortunately, due to IPowerWeb being...well, just plain ridiculous, I have no idea how much bandwidth I'm using now. At all.


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    Edited message above after you posted. ^^^


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    So I noticed.


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    A serious beef I have are people who -demand- (in all fairness you didn't) good support, uptime and a control panel for small change.

    Aside from the saying "you get what you pay for", things on the cheap hosts -must- be getting done haphazardly. If the group of administrators working at your cheap host are living off your monthly payment, how qualified do you think they must be? Cause they're not getting paid what good administrators make.

    This is why we get so many people saying "it started off so good, then went to hell". Good bandwidth, hardware and keeping the facilities to offer support 24/7 isn't cheap.

    Some companies (HostRocket comes to mind) have reached a "critical mass", where they've gotten large enough to start doing things cheaply, but being so large doesn't come without problems either.

    I run my own company that is -not- cheap by most standards, and frankly I don't get many customers. But the people I do get are almost always cheap host "refugee", and to date I've yet to loose a customer. So, I guess that proves -some- people are smartening up. (I've been around 2 years)

    Well.. Bit of a rant, but seriously, some of the prices people expect to pay for good services is ridiculous.

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    How about trying 250mb of space, but only 5gb bandwidth...$8.95 a month

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    Well, you could put in a quote in the requests forum, see who bites and then come back to us with a list of companies that do it.

    But that is so much BW for so little price. Cyberwings could have done it for you easily, but maybe that's why they are out of business.


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    As a sidenote Jenna/Amy - Dixiesys does have a plan that is for $20/mo:

    19.95 /mo
    $199.50 prepaid year
    800 megs
    15000 megs
    100 email accounts

    Close to the specs you are looking for, great uptime. Only negative it's around double what you were looking to spend max.

    Hope it helps!

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    I'm not going to recommend hosting matters because I have not personally used them, but I am considering switching based on the positive feedback I've read here, as well as their offer to try to match your current host:

    And I found the dixiesys will be doubling all plans ordered from Oct 15-31 - that'll make for some pretty amazing deals.

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