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Thread: Rate my design

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    Smile Rate my design

    Check out my new design and tell me what you think..

    Distant Realms

    we were an informal host, now I am turning it into an actual business. How does it look? Function? Does it need something?

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    Looks good,
    You might not need the ALT descriptions, as it sort of gets in the way. But good work

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    You've done a nice job!

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    Allthough after reading your sites content, I do not agree with what you are doing.

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    Agreed. I second what DJimpact said. I hadn't read the content either. Site design is nice; what you're hosting is questionable.

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    In my personal life, I'm a huge proponent of free speach. Unfortunately I've found that in my business life, that freedom is costly. If you can find someone with a server to host you regardless of your content, you may find that they will drop you because of all the attacks they will receive once you start getting really popular. Not just from PR, but from hackers. They love to jump on the bandwagon and attack sites like you host. It's easy for them to justify the things they do.

    Having said that (since you were asking our opinion of your site and not your business model), I think the site looks basic, but fairly easy to navigate. You may want to compress some of your graphics, either your site loads slowly due to that, or it was just the connection I had with it.

    I think the site looks better than 90% of the sites I've seen. I'm not seeing a lot of connection with the name 'distant-realms' and either hosting or right-wing thinking though.
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    i applaud you for what you are doing. i will most likely disagree with what is said on 99% of the sites you host, but the fact that there is a host willing to show them to me is admirable. coming from a former sharp (people that beat the crap out of nazis every chance they get), consider the above a compliment. much luck and courage to you.

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    No problem with the content - it's simply trying to corner a niche market - very good.

    However, if you're dealing with adult hosting you'll need to ensure that you can cope with client bandwidth demands.

    Also - you don't seem to have a grasp of some of the language aspects of your potential clients. Stating:

    As far as content, sick and disgusting, fetish, etc. is all allowed, as long as it is legal.

    is hardly speaking webmaster lingo - you're making ambiguous and arbitary references instead of specific known categories of porn. Webmasters will need to know precisely which categories you're talking about. "Sick and disgusting" isn't a heading you can reliably market. Get an idea of key terms you'll need to consider. Oh, and realise that fetish is a general term for a fixation - it doesn't at all need to mean BDSM [Bondage, Domintrix, Sado-Masochism] as I think you're implying.

    As for the design - there are some nice touches, but the site in general looks cheap and plain. Sorry. Black text on white is good, but blue and grey as a colour scheme? Frankly, though, it's not your design that's selling, but your clever attempt at a market niche. Sell that, you sell the business. Like I said elsewhere, the design is merely a frame - it's the actual info delivery that matters. On saying that, though, you could improve the frame - some aspects look just a little amateur. Note your rollover graphics are showing delays here.

    Web Hosting Services

    Bad info delivery here - try this:

    Due to the superior performance of its mature platform, we specialise in hosting only in Apache machines running on FreeBSD, a Unix-based system.

    [optional marketing spiel - customer orientated]
    We have no plans to host with any Windows applications, especially considering how Microsoft have tried to use software to snoop on commerical machines. You intellectual property is your own to deal with.]

    NOTE - remove the phase "there is no setup fee at this time." and simply state "no set-up fee" in the hosting specs box.

    ALSO - your package details are badly presented - clients shouldn't have to scroll down for info. I assure you, a lot will assume you only sell the personal package. Table the packages on one page and emphasise webspace and bandwidth. Also, make more of a point of flexibility.

    ISSUE - expect inexperienced webmasters, so include a glossary of terms page [I recommend this for all hosts] to explain where PHP, MySQL, etc, may be useful for a webmaster.


    Okay, enough time spent there. Hope you find some of it useful.

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    AFTERTHOUGHT - You use the term "illegal content". But this is a very nation specific term.

    For example, a lot of US hardcore would be illegal in the UK.

    Also note that Free Speech is a uniquely American concept. In Europe a lot of countries legislate against the distribution of literature "liable to promote hate or violence".

    You're letting yourself down by not understanding the terminology required for your potential clients. Recommend you spend some time surfing sites with content you may end up hosting - learn the simple lingo, and you can make a more professional approach with your info delivery.

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    Thanks a lot for a lot of good, honest advice. I am kind of going for a niche market, but I understand the need. I run a popular humor site, and in the last year, we have went through 5 different hosts, so now I have decided to just host it myself along with others.

    On my site there is nothing illegal, it doesn't promote hate, violence, or illegal activities, it only offends people with what we write, and sometimes there is a nasty picture on there. I feel I have a right to run this site, as it harms nobody who doesnt go there.

    So I respectfully disagree with those who do not approve of what I am doing, I understand your viewpoint, however, I think people like me, who run raunchy humor sites, or maybe someone who runs an anti-religious site or something, while I may not agree with what they say, I think they have a right to say it. Money should not dictate what people can and cannot say.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the advice, I can tell this is a forum I can learn a whole lot from. (I just found it today) I have the technical knowledge down, but the other aspects of webhosting I am still learning. Thanks guys.

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    I completely agree w/ what your doing. (One of the few)

    But, just get some fair warning. When you host content of that sort you do tend to attract some attention. Most hosts usually don't need to worry about hackers because the sites they host are mundane/boring/etc... The only reason someone would try to hack a 'Generic' host would either by for some immature accomplishment or to get a "phat" pipe for a DOS...

    Just lock-down your servers. You never know if your hosted content would piss off people who would wish to "take-down" a site without the aide of Cease & Desist letters

    (Umm.. After reading that.... "Fair Warning" doesn't mean I'm gonna do anything . As I said I agree w/ what your doing. I just re-read my previous post and kinda thought it sounded like I was making a light thread, I swear I'm not )...

    BTW.... Just remember, your usually always gonna be down the food chain from someone. If you really really do tick off someone they can always just one up you (if they know what your doing). If you re-selling (which I hope your not) they can just contact your original seller. Or they could contact your datacenter (if your colo-ing) and see if they can pressure them. Or they could contact your bandwidth provider (the RIAA is already suing some for providing bandwith to MP3 sites, gah their dumb) to try to cut you off...

    .... I hope you succeed. Just remember any press is good press. And keep on your toes
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    its kind of ironic, actually. The particular server that site was on, just lost its upstream provider, because of phone calls about it.

    Luckily, when I get everything moved to my colo, I can avoid getting shut down like this. This is ridicoulous.

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    not to shabby

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